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Thief Generations

Posted by Adam Badke

Since Thief’s announcement for a 2014 release on high end PC and next-gen platforms, we’ve received a huge number of questions from community members wondering if the Thief experience would ever be available for their current generation consoles. With full details of the new platforms still emerging, it’s understandable that some of our fans are cautious to plunge feet first into the awesomely hot but unchartered waters of the next generation.

So I sat down with Stéphane Roy, Senior Producer on Eidos-Montréal’s Thief, in this special announcement edition of EM Community to share some huge news with all of you so far who’ve been wondering if the game will make its way to your PS3 or Xbox 360. Check out what he had to say here:

Yep, it’s official! Thief is now confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360 – in addition to PC, PS4 and Xbox One! And, as importantly, the game will ship for ALL platforms simultaneously.

While the visual quality that PCs and next-generation consoles are capable of is obviously impressive, it’s important to know that Thief’s core gameplay experience will be the same across all platforms. The development team wanted to take special care to ensure their vision for the game was achievable on the current generation of machines, so it’s especially exciting to be able to finally announce to our fans around the world that they are able to achieve this goal.

What platform will you be playing Thief on? We’d love to hear, so leave us a comment below, on the official Thief Facebook fan page or on Twitter via @Thief!


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Thief experience would ever be available for their current generation consoles. It’s understandable that some of their fans are cautious to plunge feel awesomely. The game will ship for all platforms simultaneously. Thief’s core game play experience will be the same across all the tour guide


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I'm an old-school Thief fan since the first Dark Project and onward, as well as many many fan missions along the way. I use a high end PC. The most important thing I want from the "reimagined" game is the ability to save games. Please, PLEASE, do not use checkpoints on the PC version. It's infuriating to me as a PC gamer in general, and in Thief in particular where I like to take my time and explore and experiement, save games are crucial to that experience. Thanks for all the hard work and care you're putting into the game.


Bring it to Wii U, and then I'll buy it. Otherwise, I find it hard to care.


Wii U Version?


I've already pre-ordered it for PS4. Can't wait to play this entry in the family.


Good new! I don't have to buy a PS4 or Xbox One (or high end computer) Bad new... No Wii U Announcement... I WANT TO PICK LOCKS WITH THE TOUCHSCREEN! And aim my arrows with the gyroscope! Make it happen guys! (Maybe even motion plus sword fighting?)