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Thief Mocap? Game On!

Posted by Adam Badke

One of the most exciting things about the next generation of gaming hardware is the extra level of detail and complexity that can be woven into every scene. Visually, one of the most important elements of modern video games is animation, so it’s only natural that Thief uses the latest motion capture techniques to push gameplay and narrative story-telling to the next level.

Our friends at Game Informer have just shared their latest work in their series of Thief videos, highlighting the motion capture (aka “mocap”) process used to capture the performance of each actor in the game. Check out their fantastic work here.

As a bonus, we recently accompanied the guys at Game Informer as they went behind the scenes at the Game On Audio mocap studios to see the Thief team do their thing.

The Game On mocap command center. From here, the animation team can observe the actor data as each scene is recorded.

Game On’s facility and their fast-working team mean that physical sets to be rapidly constructed and modified as required. All the action takes place in front of a big screen, allowing actors to review their performance in real time within the 3D scene. Cool, huh?

Who’s the dummy asleep on the job?

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