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Thief @ E3 2013

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

Woosh! E3 went by in a blur. With three Eidos-Montréal games on the show floor - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, The Fall and of course Thief - it was a full-time job just keeping up with the new trailers, announcement and live demos. If you missed anything, who could blame you? That's why we put together this little wrap-up of the best Thief-related E3 coverage we could find.

Let's start with our E3 trailer, showcasing Garrett and all his favorite tools.

But I know you taffers, what you really want is gameplay footage to really sink your teeth into! You're in luck, as we did a number of live demos throughout the week.

On GameSpot:


And one of our favorite moments of the show, the live demo on the PlayStation stage (skip to 2:58):

The dev team was also on hand for in-depth interviews. Here is Stephane Roy chatting with Machinima on the first day of the show:

Then with CVG:

And Yogscaster Kim:

Finally, hands-on previews have stated rolling in as journalists got a chance to play through the demo. What did they think?

Destructoid: Thief is going to be an exhilarating game

"Thief does a marvelous job of making players feel like a real thief. I found myself pushing my luck from pick-pocketing loot right off of guards, and sneaking around in the shadows right next to enemies like a badass ninja. I'm going to steal everything once Thief is released next year."

IGN: Thief - Learning From a Master

"Thief is not an easy game. It is not a game for those of us that shot down dragons in Skyrim, or journeyed down dark caverns in Lara Croft’s latest adventure. In truth, it’s a bit more like Dark Souls II, demanding that you be patient, that you understand the world around you and the overwhelming strength of your opposition."

GameFront: Thief 4: Pure, Unadulterated, Stealth

"Thief 4 is the strict tradition, the patience-and-stealth-until-you-walk-away-for-a-few-hours-out-of-frustration kind of tradition. There’s less magic involved, although the Focus and stealth pillars are evidence that it still exists. There are no guns, no Force-like powers, no inkling of superhuman."

Game Informer: What Playing Thief Taught Me About Stealing

"You don't get to be a master thief by getting caught. You should avoid detection by sticking to the shadows and not making too much noise. However, if you happen to alert a guard or walk by a guard dog, the mission isn't completely blown. You can flee and ditch your pursuers, or you can stand and fight. [...] Action is fine if you really screw up, but Thief gives extra bonuses to those who can stay under the radar."

Games Radar: Being a thief in Thief isn’t as easy as stealing candy from a baby

"Though it was more difficult than we expected, we were impressed with our first hands-on with the game, and anticipate more chances to check it out."

Even better, those kind folks handed us all kinds of pieces of flair to decorate our reception/trophy room. Aww, shucks, thanks guys!

Still crave more info? You might want to check out the massive update on the official Thief site. Also join us on Facebook, Twitter and the forums, we have a lot more to show you in the coming months!


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