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Thief @ VGX

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

He might be a child of the shadows, but Garrett made himself seen last night at the VGX. If you missed Spike TV's three-hour orgy of video game trailers, announcements and prizes, we got you covered.

First up, Daniel Kayser from GameTrailers came to our studio to get an exclusive look at the game. While chatting with St├ęphane Roy about gameplay mechanics and customization and Steven Gallagher about Garrett's story, he presented a ton of new gameplay footage that's already being dissected in the forum.

We took advantage of Daniel's visit to reveal the Thief Companion app, designed to bring you deeper into the City and the mind of Garrett. The light version of the app, to be released shortly, will be free and available for iOS and Android devices. The full version, which will be offered as a preorder bonus at GameStop and other participating retailers worldwide, will offer a host of second screen features complementing your experience in the game. We'll have more details about the Companion app very soon.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on some more Thief gameplay and cinematics in Channeling the Primal, our newest trailer premiered at the VGX! You can also watch it in German, Russian, Italian or Spanish, if you're curious what Garrett sounds like around the world.

Whoa, at the end! Is that?! Maybe... Guess we'll have something to debate in the forums, on Twitter and on Facebook!


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