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Meet the moderator - Viktoria

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to meet one of your friendly moderators from the Deus Ex: Human Revolution forum!

If you hang around that neck of the woods, you more than likely know about MyImmortal. With her unwavering enthusiasm, strong knowledge of the Deus Ex franchise, and keen eye for forum management, she's arguably the most recognizable moderator around.

Name: My real name is Julie... or Ju, or Ju-Ju, Jube, Jewels... and so forth.

On the forum... MyImmortal, Immortal and Her Immortalness. Ahem, I rather like the last one, lol.

Here's a mugshot, not to professional standard but it was snapped by 'someone very famous' so I'll always love it, hehe:

Eidos Forum moderator MyImmortal

Age: Nifty fifty. Yeah, I know this sounds ancient to some people, lol, but thanks to my Sarif augmentations and Omar modifications I still feel like a twenty-something and that's all that matters.

Where are you located?

The United Kingdom. Pembrokeshire, in wild West Wales. If you haven't been... you really should visit. A beautiful National Park area of outstanding beauty and steeped in history, from ancient cromlechs/standing stones to medieval castles.

Here's a photo of the castle in Manorbier, where I was born.

Manorbier Castle

*Sigh*, I love all that stone and creeping ivy, no wonder I'm a Thief fan too....

What's your history with Deus Ex?

Played the original when it was released. I'll never forget how awesome and ground-breaking it was, and still is. I was hooked immediately - very little sleep and bloodshot eyes didn't stop me playing! New fans really should forgive the graphics and play it. Invisible War wasn't as good as the first imo, but still a great game to play and it introduces us to the Omar - so all sins are forgiven.

A favorite memory of the Deus Ex forums:

All the drama, all the fights, all the name-calling. I guess it should be a favourite moment for any moderator otherwise we'd be out of a job, lol. 

Dare I take a quote from DX:HR to sum it up, "Twice the scum in half the space...”? Oops, now I'm in for some backlash.  I kid, I love you all really.

What's it like as a moderator?

You certainly learn a lot about human nature, lol - the good, the bad and the very ugly. 

I enjoy doing my bit to help keep our community happy and together as 'one'... it's the best way, after all. "That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees." Thank you for these words of wisdom, Marcus Aurelius.

If everyone did [blank], it would make your life as a moderator so much easier...

Joined with the Omar and stopped fighting with each other? They will be rewarded with preferred customer status (which actually means extra cookies and popcorn).

Favorite movies & tv shows?

Movies: Almost Famous, Leon, Shawshank Redemption, Terminator, Alpha Dog, Blade Runner, 300, Saving Grace... and most of the classic Ealing Studio and Film Noir movies.

TV: Blackadder, Spaced, Red Dwarf, The Apprentice, Hell's Kitchen, Game of Thrones, Scrubs, Dexter, Dragons' Den and similar.

Favorites bands and albums? 

An impossible question to answer!  

All music moves me... I connect with it as surely as a moth is drawn to a flame. You name it, I like it... from classical to rock and everything in between. My fave band currently on my playlist is Alberta Cross and, in her memory, all the songs of Amy Winehouse.

Favorite books?

Anything related to ancient history, cyberpunk and science fiction. Asimov and Moorcock are two of my fave authors. I also enjoy graphic novels/comics.

Anything people might be surprised to know about you?

Normally I'd mention I'm a vegetarian... but that would only be a surprise to newcomers. Other than that, I'm a forum manager/moderator for a famous record label... so I get vip access to any concert I choose which is awesome, imho! 

Oh, one other thing I ought to confess - contrary to earlier denials, I really am one of the Omar.

Is "I never asked for this" the new "What a shame?"

It most certainly is. I never asked for this question... by the way.

I'm giving you the podium. Say what you want.

After four very long years, I'm looking forward to finally playing Deus Ex Human Revolution! I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the staff at Eidos Montreal for all the hard work they have put into this game. Guys 'n' gals, pop that champagne cork because you rock!

Thanks also to the forum regulars for all the fun threads and the excessive eating of choc-chip cookies and honey-coated popcorn (only the best for our members, of course!). Hope you guys really enjoy DX:HR... and experience the "reality" of the story within, perhaps. Transhumanism is already with us.... accept and embrace it, or face extinction, hehe. You choose. Mwahahahaha!

On that note, here's another mugshot of me with augmented hand, compliments of Sarif Industries. I'll never stop waving.

Eidos Forum moderator MyImmortal... Augmented


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