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Meet the New Boss

Posted by David Anfossi

Hi everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m David Anfossi, and I’m the new Studio Head here at Eidos Montréal. I was the Executive Producer on the studio’s inaugural game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, released in 2011. Right now, we’re hard at work putting the finishing touches on Thief, which is launching next year.

Behind the Scenes at the E3 Community Event!

Posted by Adam Badke

As many of you are aware, during E3 2013 in Los Angeles earlier this month we invited several of our most dedicated and hardworking community members to join us at the show and check out what we’ve been working on for the past couple of years. Our lucky attendees flew in from far and wide to join us from their home towns in the USA, UK and Russia, and were treated to exclusive, no-holds-barred behind the scenes access to our games, our team and everything we had to show.

E3 is the biggest yearly event for gaming and technology, with access normally restricted to key members of the gaming industry – developers, manufacturers and press specifically. But, rather than let the elite few have all the fun, we here at Eidos-Montreal asked ourselves “why shouldn’t our true fans be the first to play the game?”

Meet the Moderators – Master Taffer

Posted by Adam Badke

A dedicated team of moderators is a vital part of ensuring a fruitful and pleasant experience in every online community. Without these hardworking folks, most online message boards would be nothing but a smoking, long abandoned and spam-ridden wasteland, home to nobody but trolls, internet scams and that one confused family member that we all have who just doesn’t 'get' what this internet business is all about. Netiquette? Not likely!

However, add just the slightest dash of moderation into the mix and it's easy to see the difference: spam posts are hurriedly swept away with the greatest of ease. Trolls are denied their dinner. New members stumbling into a sparkling oasis of idea dissemination are quickly welcomed and oriented into the collective – all while questions are asked and answered, theories are proposed and debated, polls are populated and discussions are... discussed. Ultimately, friendships blossom and relationships bloom as the online world industriously hums and ticks away.

Playtesters Wanted

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

You think you know what makes a fun game? You want to get your hands on games that people haven't even heard of yet? More importantly, you live in or around Montreal or you're planning a visit this summer? Sign up for a playtest!

The Eidos Montréal playtest department is currently updating its databank. We're looking for gamers of all ages and levels, from the most casual to the purest of the hardcore, to play games in development and share what they like and don't like about the experience. Playtesting is not QA; we're not looking for bugs but for consumer feedback, so programming experience is not required. We gauge things like usability, controls, story, ambiance, level design and game mechanics simply from observing people at play.

Meet the Moderators – Spyhopping

Posted by Adam Badke

Running a community for two hugely popular franchises is no small task. Our diligent fans submit hundreds of questions, comments, responses, emails, tweets, letters, PMs and posts every week – and that’s not even including the deluge of awesome fan art, cosplay pics, fan fic and sometimes even fruit based homages – and so, so much more.

To help us get the job done, we rely heavily on a team of crack volunteer moderators (you might remember John and Julie) who help us with the day-to-day of running the official Deus Ex and Thief forums. These guys surf the razors edge between the Eidos-Montreal studio and the most lively parts of our communities.