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September Community Round-Up

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

It's time again to look back at all the best Thief-related news, videos, podcasts and fan-created content we shared in the last few weeks. If you read only one thing about Thief this month, make it this!


For episode 2 of Stealing Time, we shared the recording of a panel called "Building a Hero" held at San Diego Comic Con with Nic Cantin and Steven Gallagher. Listen here while you read the rest of the post!

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Preorder season is now open. You can find out more on the preorder bonus and reserve your copy here, and watch the Bank Heist trailer below.

PC gamers, we prepared the Master Thief edition especially for you, available exclusively for digital download.

Eye Candy

We liked the Bank Heist artwork so much, we turned it into some nice wallpapers. Get them right here for one screen...

... or two!

We also got more pictures of the Garrett outfit created by urstadt.swan, which you can see on their site.

Finally, a bit of ear candy... Listen one more time to The Return of Garrett, performed for YOGSCAST Kim by Narrative Director Steven Gallagher

Community Q&A

Stephane Roy gave an interview on the PlayStation blog outlining the next-gen features developed for Thief on the PS4.

We had two more Take 5 Community Q&A sessions, where devs take 5 minutes to answer questions taken straight from the forums. We touched on the variety of environments Garrett will prowl around in, his relationship with Basso, different story elements and links to the previous installments in the series. Did we answer your questions? If not, be sure to join the forums for our next Take 5!

Fan Art

We turned our spotlight on Madeeha Ahmed, aka Garrett's Apprentice, keeper of the Thief Confessions and Thief Imagines Tumblrs.

We also saw some awesome live thieving action from LUnafraid:

And some Tales from the City, by FrankCSIS:

Finally, enjoy some artistic interpretations of Garrett. This first old school sitting portrait was made by Liquid-Skin:

Garrett escaping from the Cradle, by fuchs-aka-kira:

Garrett in action, by Helgezone:

Did we miss anything? Share your fan sites, art, fiction, cosplay, all the cool Thief-ey stuff you come across on the forums, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or just email us. We can't wait to see!


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