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Take 5 – Community Q&A #6

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

Welcome to another installment of our recurrent Q&A session. This month, I thought I'd give the devs a well-deserved break and tackle the questions that have been filling my own inbox. That's right, it's a special marketing edition of Take 5!

Speaking of special editions... Will there be a Collector's Edition of Thief?

PC gamers can get the Master Thief Edition, which comes with the Bank Heist mission and a bunch of digital goodies: comic book, soundtrack, art book, and a pack of consumable in-game items. We do not plan on releasing a physical collector's edition set for launch, but if you're after some sweet Thief merch, do read on...

Can I get a boxed version of the Master Thief edition?

The Master Thief Edition is available through download only, either from Steam or other digital distribution platforms. The standard edition of Thief for PC will likewise be all digital and will not be sold on disc in North America.

So no need to stand in line waiting for the store to open; you can stay under the cover of darkness and start playing right at midnight on release day, just like Garrett would... Actually, Garrett would just steal the game, but we have devs to feed so preorder now!

I've heard that a level paying homage to the bank mission in Thief 2 is available if I preorder the game. Do I have to preorder from anywhere in particular to get it?

Preorder anywhere you want! In North America and the UK, all preordered copies of Thief will include the Bank Heist mission. However, it may be exclusive to major retailers in some other regions of the world, so check with your favorite game store for the details.

Some retailers may offer additional bonuses. For example, preorder from GameStop (or Game in the UK, EB Games in Canada and Australia, Bol in Holland and Belgium and Micromania in France) and you will receive the Bank Heist, the official soundtrack, and a free upgrade to the full Thief Companion app for Android.

Right, the Companion app. What's the deal with that again? Is it exclusive to GameStop?

The Thief Companion app is not exclusive, it will be available to everyone on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The app comes in two flavours. The lite version is coming out for Android and iOS before the game launches and gives access to trailers, artwork, and full character bios with never before seen concept art. The full app will be available at the same time as the game for the price of $2.99 (€2.69 / £1.99), or free for Android devices if you preordered from GameStop. It will enable you to track your in-game stats and loot, as well as unlock a wealth of exclusive content like the game maps, wiki, behind-the-scenes videos, comic books, and sweet sweet merch.

Merch! Now you have my attention.

You heard me! We've joined forces with Treehouse Brand Stores to create a whole line of Thief apparel, artwork and other goodies. The store will be open in the next few weeks, and that's an announcement you won't want to miss.

Thief is coming out for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on February 25 in North America and 28 worldwide. There are more announcements, trailers, gameplay videos, Q&As, podcasts, contests and all kinds of news coming in the ramp up to launch, so if you haven't already now is the time to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and join the forums!


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How many hours of gameplay does it take to complete the campaign?


No boxed version will cost me $10 per GB to download with my service. So that's what, an extra 200 bucks! I've been a loyal Thief fan since 1998, and would rather not get the 360 version.


Will Thief from AMD NEVER SETTLE bundle contain "Bank Heist" mission?


Why! Why there is no boxed version! What's wrong with you SE?!