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Stories from The City: Basso's Gamble

Posted by Basso

Now, I ain’t going to pretend that I’m much to look at. No one is these days. You probably wouldn’t even bother to give me a second glance on the street.

That’s unless you were one of The City’s, well, let’s call them ‘less salubrious entrepreneurs.’ Then you’d know me, because they all know me. Some of them owe me too. Or I owe them. And they’ll get what’s coming to them, sooner or later.

I’ve been around, you see. Name any building in the city and you can bet that at some point I’ve robbed it, slept in it or pissed on it. Sometimes all three.

I might not be the brightest or the best, but you can bet that I know someone who is.


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A major part of art and styles is being inspired by a living Play cribbage online


Love the art style! It nods to the old cutscenes in the previous games. Will some cutscenes be like this?