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Stories from the City: The Queen of Beggars Sees All

Posted by Queen of Beggars

Let me tell you about the City...

We both know a thing or two about survival. Some say I'm more ancient than all the plagues, than the City itself with her rats and her beggars. We have grown old together... Time and again, I watched her brought down only to rise from her own ashes.

But this time is different. The balance has shifted because unwise men have tempered with powers they do not understand. Now the City grows sick. The Gloom threatens to unravel us all like we never existed.

But still... there is one who may yet be the key. One who fears the light inside him as much as the darkness. The child of the shadows was broken, changed, but not dead. He returns to walk a path few would wish.

Yes... He will do nicely.


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