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Thief Companion: Enter the Hideout

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

Along with new gameplay footage and a brand new trailer, we took the opportunity of our presence at the VGX to announce a new goodie for you Thief fans. Behold, the Thief Companion app, coming soon on your Android and iOS devices!

So here's the deal. The Companion app will be released in two phases. The lite version will be available later this month and give you access to all the latest trailers, artwork, exclusive screenshots, in-depth character bios and further details of the game’s story. And it's free!

The full version of the app will be available when the game launches. It will unlock additional functionality and content including:
• Direct link to the game to track your stats and stolen loot
• Official Wiki created in partnership with IGN
• Official interactive digital maps created by Prima
• Issues #1 and #2 of the Official Thief digital comics created by Dark Horse Comics
• Exclusive artwork and background content direct from the dev team
• Access to official Thief merchandise

The full Companion app will be priced at $2.99 / €2.69 / £1.99, but it will also be offered for free as a pre-order incentive from GameStop and partner retailers worldwide.

Pre-order Thief and you will receive:
• The full version of the THIEF Android app
• The official soundtrack composed by Luc St Pierre performed by the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague
The in-game Bank Heist mission

We'll have more information and some download links for the Companion app for you shortly. Don't miss a beat, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and the forums!


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I am a die heart fan of this gaming series. But now i can’t able to access it. Is it possible to share the download link here. I am waiting for your updated post to know more. Hope you will never disappointed crashes


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I am glad that they are releasing this app soon. Most of the game studios have started releasing the app for their games so that the players can track their stats even from the smart-phone which is very useful when there are packages to arrive. my computer is slow


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The thief has launched with the new game play footage. The Companion app will be released in two phases. The full version of the app will be available only when the game launches. It specifies the pricing tag of the app. I’m so excited to watch the thief. Thief fans are eagerly waiting for it to get released.washington dc tour


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XboxGamerXXX, you should buy a BlackBerry.
I can use the companion app with it. HAAHAHAH


Also, what about us that pre-ordered the game that gets the free app? Hello, some of us don't have android. I have a iPhone 5s.


Hi, where is the IOS version for apple devices. All that is available is the free app that doesn't help with anything?


Hello, I'm unable to unlock the full app because I can't find a way to log in. I've already registered the game at square enix site, and (obviously) I preordered the game.


Not sure if the dev's are reading comments. If so, it is confusing, the above wording... you say the Android & iOS app are both coming. But, there is only mention of the Android paid app being an incentive for preorder. That seems REALLY bizarre! Perhaps, a typo? Please confirm. Also, lol... I don't know how apparently the only two Windows phone users on the planet somehow both found this page, lol... but please be assured; that is NOT an accurate representation of Thief fans. Please do not waste time trying to create an app for the lamest of the lame systems that has far less people on it than even Blackberry! The other non-techie n00b posters are just buttsore that they got duped into such a terrible OS/Ecosystem. Lol, Widows mobile?? Really guys?? Go cry to some emo music on your Zune. Quit trying to pull Eidos' attention to the two REAL development platforms on mobile to support your crappy little niche phones. That nobody else owns or cares about. Thanks.


Release the companion app for Windows Phone, please.


What about iOS users? I pre-ordered way before there was a companion app (first week of October to be exact, with PC and Xbox versions), why shouldn't I get a free upgrade? Feeling cut out here, not cool Square Enix/Eidos Montreal.


Hi! Will you get the Preorder Mission and/or companion app if you buy it in the Xbox One store?


Yes please, another tick for the Windows Phone version!


why won't there be a version for windows phones? Or will it be released eventually?