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Thief Preview Round-Up

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

A couple weeks ago, we invited journalists and bloggers from all over the world to spend some nice quality time with the finished build of Thief. After playing unsupervised for four or five hours, they were able to evaluate progress on the game since E3 and the City Hub previews last October, and they've started sharing their impressions... Which means it's time for another press round-up!


IGN - The Hardcore Options of Infiltration

"Thief fell off the radar for a few years, and its return left many skeptical, but it’s a relief to see that it’s real, it works, and it has plenty of intelligent aspects that don’t ruin its stealth tradition. Eidos Montreal continues to do interesting things with classic franchises, both in terms of staying true to their essence and in modernizing them for what appears to be the greater good."

You should read the full article, but you definitely don't want to miss this exclusive video inside the Keepers' Library.


PlayStation Blog - Hands-on with Thief on PS4

"Like its predecessors, Thief offers a wealth of different play opportunities for each and every mission. Take, for example, the aforementioned scene in the jewelers. Some players may practice patience and timing to move through the environment unseen. Others may silently dispatch the guards with Garrett’s handy club before proceeding. Others may extinguish every light and use the shadows to their advantage. Each play style is wholly valid, and rewarded at the end of the mission with bonuses."

Got a half-hour to kill? PlayStation Access prepared the most thorough gameplay walkthrough you'll find. Be sure to watch until the end and check out the alternate paths!


Polygon - Thief's Latest Preview Highlights Vast Improvement

"The game's navigation was smooth and the decaying Victorian-styled city was a eerily fun setting to explore, while its stealth mechanics proved novel to experiment with."


CapsuleComputers - Hands-on with First Three Hours

"All in all, I have got to say that Thief impressed me and I actually came away wanting to play more. The tone, the world, and the polished mechanics really appealed to me and conveyed a grand sense of self and place. You are the Master Thief."

Also check out their interview with Game Director Nic Cantin.


Rev3Games - Thief Hands-on!


GameSpot - How Thief Is Returning to Its Stealth Roots

"I'm not ready to say whether Eidos Montreal has succeeded in either endeavour, but I can say for certain that Thief is not a game for those who prefer a combat-oriented approach. Trust me, you will die. This is a stealth game through and through--one whose mantra of "stealing to survive" has never been more apt."

You can watch the video version of the article below. Seems like our friend Dan Hindes AKA SneakyBastard is getting sucked into the Master Thief lifestyle!


Destructoid - Sneak, Loot, Adapt

"Well, after spending about 4 hours playing this new take on the series at a media press event; I can safely say that I came away quite impressed with what Eidos Montreal have in store. The scope and adaptive take on stealth is dense and complex, and even may impress those who wrote off this new take on a classic series."




Strategy Informer - Thief Preview

Last but not least, a preview written by a fan, for fans. Watch out, it's extensively detailed and spoilers abound!

"Best of all was the absolute focus on stealth, stealing and sneaking, with no super-powers, no fighting if you want to live, and no big action-focused escape scenes."


Keep an eye on the Thief in the Media and Gameplay Demos playlist on YouTube, which will be updated as more preview videos roll in. Did we miss a piece of coverage you found especially exciting or revealing? Please come share it on Facebook, Twitter, or in the forums!


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